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Traditionally, commercial real estate has been one of the most lucrative property investments on the market, however, it was mainly available to only the very wealthy.

Source Marts Properties has been designed also to give you a platform to help you raise the funds for your property investment and/or participate in property investment opportunity. We offer a platform for smaller investors to enter into lucrative property opportunities with smaller amounts of money than normally required.

Crowdfunding is a practice of funding a project or a venture by raising funds from a number of individuals, typically via the internet.

The concept of crowdfunding, also known as collective fundraising has been done for a long time. From time to time, we may spot properties that have business potential to be profitable. And we will invite the community to join our pool of crowd fundraising. 

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Cutting out the majority of middlemen institutions means less fees and bigger returns.

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Find out more about the project before investing, get regular updates on project status.

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