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Source Marts Limited T/A Source Marts Properties (‘ Source Marts’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’). The website, videos, pictures and documents is intended to provide general information concerning the proposed property listed for sale on behalf of the Seller. The information provided has been prepared in good faith and to give a fair overall view of the property/s. Photographs and electronically generated images, furnishings and accessories featured are for illustrative purposes only.

All information provided by us at our web site www.Sourcemarts .com or otherwise is and is provided on a illustrative basis. All properties marketed are for the sole use of potential business partners and/or prospective purchasers. We recommend that all appropriate commercial, tax and legal enquiries and advice is obtained before entering into a legally binding contract to purchase any property listed or adverted. Copyright in and to this site and documents and videos referred belong to Source Marts Limited.

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