Finder's Fee Agreement Contract

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You can sign the online Agreement below or alternatively Download the PDF format of this agreement for print. Please email it back to  [email protected]  once signed and completed. 

    Finder's Fee Agreement

    This Agreement is made this day between the Property Owner and Source Marts Property (“Firm”) and the Marketing Agent This Agreement is effective as of the date stated above and shall remain in effect until or unless sooner terminated on thirty days' written notice by either party delivered to the other.

    The parties agree as follows:

    1. The property to be marketed is located at

    2. Marketing Agents in this regard is a real estate brokerage (“Firm”).

    3. Property Owner hereby engages Marketing Agents, together with other brokers affiliated with the Firm of the Agent to procure buyers ("Confirmed Buyers") for the sale of Property/commercial or immovable assets. If a Confirmed Buyer commits to buy the property marketed by Sourcemarts agents, the property owner shall pay Sourcemarts Property a Finder's Fee.

    4. The Finder's Fee on any confirmed buyer shall be equal to Two-point Nine percent (2.9%) of the complete contract price for the advertised property paid by the Confirmed Buyer. Unless otherwise agreed by Sourcemarts Property Marketing Agent in writing. A Confirmed Buyer, for purposes of this Agreement, is a buyer of the advertised property recommended by us, confirmed as a buyer by Marketing Agents while this Agreement is in effect.

    NB:Termination of this Agreement shall not affect Marketing Agents' rights to receive Finder's Fee with regard to any buyer who was a Confirmed Buyer on the date of such termination, regardless of when the deal actually commences.

    5. Marketing Agents shall register each potential Confirmed Buyer by advising Property Owner in Writing/Call/WhatsApp of the name of such Confirmed Buyer. If the property owner finds a Confirmed Buyer, as that term is defined above, Marketing Agents shall not be entitled to receive a Finder's Fee with regard to such buyer so long as the Property Owner has provided such buyer's name to our Marketing Agent. Registration of confirmed buyers shall be accomplished through email, facsimile letter, or other writings sent or transmitted by Property Owner to Marketing Agents.

    6. The names of confirmed buyers, as established by registrations shall be determinative regarding Marketing Agents' entitlement to Finder's Fees in any transactions.

    7. acknowledge and accept this contract entitled “FINDER'S FEE AGREEMENT." I acknowledge that, the Firm: Sourcemarts Property will be acting as a marketing agent in each transaction covered by this Agreement.

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    You can sign the online Agreement or alternatively Download the PDF format of this agreement for print. Please email it back to  [email protected]  once signed and completed. 

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